eliza myrie

boygirl (stack) 11.5 x 10.25 x 13.5 inches
boygirl (gradient) 168 x 11.5 inches
newsprint, plastic ties
2009 — 2012

boygirl lifts two newspaper cover images widely circulated as a result of the beating death of Derrion Albert in 2009. Albert, a black 16-year-old Chicago resident, while not a gang member himself, was brutally beaten to death in a gang brawl captured on video while he was walking home from school. One cover of the broadside depicts Vashion “B.J.” Bullock, a youth accused of Derrion’s murder; the other a mourning Rhea Albert, Derrion’s 14-year-old sister.

boygirl(stack) Back cover reads: The cover image of the boy and the girl were run in the Chicago Tribune newspaper and its affiliate RedEye on October 6th, 2009 and September 29th, 2009 in the wake of the death of Derrion Albert. Photo credit Abel Uribe/Terrence Antonion James.