eliza myrie

fountain/shake the stick, 2017
color photographs, concrete, beeswax, vinyl tubing, wire, steel rebar, hex bushings, barb adaptors, brass spigots, rose quartz, wood (douglas fir, white oak, plywood), tread tape, non-slip mats, latex tubing, binder clip, 5 gallon bucket, water, leather, water bag, bouncy ball, thread tape, siphon pump, casters
dimensions variable

Central are two fountains, each a slightly different system of hoses connected to a spigot grounded in a cement block and attached to a water source, either a water bag or bucket. The mechanism is activated by a pump and foot pedal; the water is drawn to the spigot through the pump with pressure from the pedal unceremoniously spurts and splats out onto pieces of rose quartz on the floor and the water pools and spreads.

Nine photographs capture men in various publics with their back turned to the camera relieving themselves; each gesture unique and akin.

On a far wall, looping video documents the artist activating each of the fountains in turn by kneeling on the floor, drawing rhythmically on the pedal, and slowly flooding the gallery floor.  The artist returns to the installation with a mop and bucket to swab the floors.